Volunteers with us

    Join our team and help us build a better world when you volunteer your skills.
    Right Here At Home is Muwanga Development Association.  
    Our mission
    Is to promote human rights skills development for youth both boys and girls through sensitization on HIV-AIDS, hygiene and water.
    ​When you volunteer with MUWADA you can help to eliminate poverty and you also benefit by:

    • ​Volunteering with Muwada you are doing well to the community and establishing strong relationship.
    • Volunteering with Muwada helps you to find a good direction for your career.
    • Volunteering with Muwada can help you take up your mind in terms of decision making
    • Volunteering with Muwada  helps  you to acquire valuable skills

    Contact us: muwangassociation@gmail.com or director@muwada.org or muwada@muwada.org

About us

Muwanga Development Association (MUWADA) was founded by University Graduates passionate about giving back to the communities.   read more..

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