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    Today MUWANGA DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION joined the rest of the world to mark the world AIDS day "Achieving an AIDS-Free generation is a shared responsibility" We call upon all youths to join us today at the district main Hall. This took place on December 1, 2015. This basically was at sentizing youths about the best way to prevent AIDS through protected sex by using condoms, abstainance from sex especially by the youths still at the education sector.

    Muwanga Development Association has managed to construct an underground water tank that was aimed at basically extending clean water to community and prevent diseases like typhoid. this water tank serves a number of residentials around the village as it collects rain water from iron sheets. MUWADA is also planning to construct borehole stations to assist people in drawingclean water. the association also targeted the elderly to be in position to get clean water and assist them from moving long distances in search for wate

    Muwanga Development Association managed to obtain funds from UNICEF and it was able to construct a latrine for kigoma primary school in kigoma subcounty. this greatly reduced the cases of diseases in the community that were brought about by lack of a latrine for deficating, this was done because it was posing a potential threat to the environment in case of an outbreakof an epidemic disease that is quite hard to prevent from circulation. MUWADA also plans to construct more latrines because it is a common problem in the society

    Nansana Community Radio is located 12kms North of Kampala, 30 munities drive from Kampala. The radio's mission is to ensure that information is applied to stimulate and develop sustainable capacity for rural development, reduction of poverty and minimize over-dependency for a better livelihood of the rural poor. The community radio is under the management of Muwanga Development Association with 10 members selected from the local councils of Wakiso and Muwanga sub-county to represent the interest of the community members (farmers, women, youth, educationist, children, the civil society and the business community).Read More

    Youth Skills On Hands, Empowerment In Mechanics J.J Engineering Services under the Management of Muwanga Development Association carries out a lot of activities in skilling the youths on hands through training and workshops in mechanics. Several Youths are equipped with mechanical skills in vehicles Toyota, Landover, Rangerover, BMW, Golf, Man, Iveco, Benz, and Mitsubishi Read More

    Social Entrepreneurship

    There are many hurdles that societies face across the world. However, the reality shows that governments and NGOs can’t tackle those alone. This is because the nature of these problems is very diverse and solving them requires different solutions and approaches.

    We believe, that regardless of different local settings, social entrepreneurship is the answer to combatting numerous social issues. Entrepreneurship (of any kind) can create workplaces for those in need. Moreover, it can also take on social issues and lead to wider potential benefits for the whole society. Read More

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Muwanga Development Association (MUWADA) was founded by University Graduates passionate about giving back to the communities...   read more..

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