Nansana Community Radio (NCR

    Nansana Community Radio (NCR)

    Nansana Community Radio is located 12kms North of Kampala, 30 munities drive from Kampala.
    The radio's mission is to ensure that information is applied to stimulate and develop sustainable capacity for rural development, reduction of poverty and minimize over-dependency for a better livelihood of the rural poor.
    The community radio is under the management of Muwanga Development Association with 10 members selected from the local councils of Wakiso and Muwanga sub-county to represent the interest of the community members (farmers, women, youth, educationist, children, the civil society and the business community).

    The station’s vision
    To bridge the community information gaps in health, youth, women, education and children/orphans.

    Nansana community radio covers an area of about 3kilometres. This is because we currently use public speakers mounted on long eucalyptus trees to communicate to the community. The community radio uses a simple amplifier which was donated to us by the L.C. 5 Chair person of Wakiso district. Further we use a single microphone which is connected to the amplifier and a desktop computer and a laptop which are also used to store records of radio and one photocopy machine. Attached are the systems we use. We are lobbying out for your support to make our radio station go on air, so as to have a wider coverage all over Uganda.

About us

Muwanga Development Association (MUWADA) was founded by University Graduates passionate about giving back to the communities.   read more..

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